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Motherboards (Laptop)

These motherboards are from a "new" tested system and are in perfect working order. No accessories are included unless otherwise noted.

Please make sure this motherboard has the same (or compatible) manufacturer's part number as your old motherboard when purchasing. If you need help choosing a replacement for your motherboard, you can always contact us for advice.

Note! The order of motherboards is carried out directly under the client, on a full advance payment. Purchased "under the order" motherboards are non-refundable! Responsibility for choosing a model (revision) of a compatible motherboard rests with the buyer, except in cases where the buyer contacted our service center directly to select and replace the motherboard.

If you did not find the motherboard you need on the site, please contact us and we will definitely help you.

In our Everest service center in Boryspil, you can not only buy a motherboard for your laptop, but also, if necessary, order the installation of a motherboard in a laptop with subsequent diagnostics of the entire laptop systems! Sending across Ukraine "New mail".

We cooperate with service workshops and budgetary organizations.

Delivery of the ordered goods to our store (with subsequent shipment to the customer) takes an average of 14-30 days (this period may be extended due to customs control).

All motherboards in this category are covered by a limited warranty of 14 days to 3 months.

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